Some clients don’t have the information their agency partners need to develop strong, effective marketing and advertising strategies. In these instances, Google Analytics can provide a wealth of data that would otherwise remain obscured. Before diving into a deep analysis, however, it’s critical to understand exactly which data points you’re looking for and why.

Not sure where to begin? The members of Forbes Agency Council shared 15 of the most valuable pieces of data they’ve gleaned from their clients’ Google Analytics and explain why those metrics matter.

Forbes - 15 Valuable Pieces Of Data Agencies Glean From Clients’ Google Analytics

1. Traffic Cycle Start Times

The most valuable piece of data for us is top-level: new traffic driven by our product placement, brand integration and celebrity/influencer campaigns. Most of our clients have multiple campaigns running at any one time, and being able to dive into the specific time that the traffic cycle started allows us to showcase impact as we build brand reputation and awareness versus specific calls to action. – Stacy JonesHollywood Branded

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Stacy Jones

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