(January 9, 2009) (Los Angeles, CA) Productions Branded, a division of Hollywood Branded Inc., has been hired by Anchor Bay Films to oversee all product placement and brand integration for the upcoming film, And Soon The Darkness.

The film focuses on two American girls, who embark on a bike trip in a remote part of Argentina. When they split up and one of them goes missing, the other must find her before her worst fears are realized. And Soon The Darkness was written and directed by Marcos Efron and stars Odette Yustman and Amber Heard.

Hollywood Branded Inc. will provide brand services for the film, including product placement, paid integration and will also source back-end promotional partners. The agency will focus on brand integration and product placement in four areas: props, set, wardrobe and transportation. The results of these efforts could potentially help Anchor Bay Films save hundreds of thousands of dollars in production costs.

“When working with film productions, our goal is to reduce individual line item budgets to ensure cost savings,” said Stacy Jones, President of Hollywood Branded Inc. Our efforts will enable the production to not only showcase quality products in their films but also save significant dollars in production costs.


Hollywood Branded Inc. is a full service entertainment marketing agency providing innovative solutions to increase global brand awareness and exposure while influencing consumers purchasing decisions using entertainment and celebrity based platforms.  Hollywood Branded Inc. creates proactive marketing engagements within the entertainment community with a focus on education highlighting marketing objectives versus market perception, while delivering a comprehensive ROI.

For more information on Hollywood Branded Inc., please visit hollywoodbranded.com.

Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones has become a world-renowned specialist in branded content. Now it’s her mission to share her expertise and help brands and other business owners and executives leverage the tools our agency has crafted in building brand awareness – using the same proven methods she’s built her agency on and leveraged for client success.