Taylor Swift has officially joined the elite ranks of the richest people in the world and is now a billionaire (!!!!!), per Bloomberg. According to the outlet, the reason for Tay’s newly-minted billionaire status (technically, her net worth is sitting at $1.1 billion) is largely due to the Eras Tour, which Bloomberg says “generated as much money as the economies of small countries,” not to mention the Eras Tour film (we’ll get into that in a moment).

Earnings from touring, music sales, and streaming, plus real estate and her song catalog make up the bulk of Taylor’s fortune. But if you want details, Bloomberg says her catalog is worth $400 million (from music released since 2019), she’s made $370 million in ticket sales and merch, $120 million in streaming, has $110 million tied up in real estate, and has made $80 million in music royalties. Oh, and the Eras Tour alone earned $225 million in ticket sales and merch—and Taylor’s not even halfway through yet.


Meanwhile, Taylor’s Eras Tour concert film broke AMC records in its first day, bringing in a reported $26 million. It’s since earned $100 million in advance global ticket sales, and Variety reported that Taylor and her team have pocketed $60 million of that.

As Stacy Jones (founder of marketing agency Hollywood Branded) put it to Bloomberg, “Every endorsement, partnership, and business move she makes is part of a broader, meticulously-constructed plan. It’s not just impressive, it’s masterful.”

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