Overview:Hollywood Branded agency CEO Stacy Jones is interviewed by Celebuzz on the Taylor Swift brand. 

Taylor Swift Dating Conor Kennedy: Relationship Could Benefit Both, Says Brand Expert (EXCLUSIVE)

By: Rachel Levy / September 20, 2012

Will Conor Kennedy inspire Taylor Swift‘s next break-up song?

Not from the looks of it. And as the young couple’s romance blossoms, a branding experts tells Celebuzz that the fling could benefit both of their careers.

“Having Taylor Swift on Conor’s arm will carry on a long history of romantic liaisons with celebrities for the Kennedy family,” said Stacy Jones, CEO of Hollywood Branded, Inc. ”With Taylor having established herself as a global star, their relationship will bring a younger spotlight to the Kennedy family.”

Talyor Swift and Conor Kennedy

How exactly could the songstress impact the Kennedy clan’s image?

Jones says the 22-year-old singer could garner votes for her 18-year-old beau and the younger members of his influential family should they choose politics as a Hollywood BrandedHollywood Branded Inc.career.

“If Conor, his siblings, or younger generation cousins have any interest in pursuing a political future in later years, a whole new future voting generation has now been warmly introduced to the American royalty family of the Kennedys,” she said.

In addition, the romance could benefit Swift.

“Overall, there is an allure in both political and fashion circles globally for the Kennedys,” Jones said. “The familiarity of the Kennedy name may broaden her potential to reach an older fan base in coming years.”

On the  down side, the romance could cause trouble for the young hunk if Swift were to become just another notch on his belt and join her long list of reported exes, including End of Watch star Jake GyllenhaalTwilight’sTaylor Lautner, and singers Joe Jonas and John Mayer.

“He could forever be known as ‘the ex-boyfriend of Taylor Swift,’” said Jones.

Swift was first spotted with RFK Jr.’s son in July while vacationing at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, Mass.; she’s  apparently so smitten that she  purchased a mansion close to the family’s estate. Her latest hit is — you guessed it — a breakup anthem: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” see the lyrics on DirectLyrics.


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