Overview: Fox Business News interviews Hollywood Branded CEO Stacy Jones on the process of getting brands chosen in various award show celebrity gift bags.

What’s in the Golden Globes $1,500 Swag Bags This Year?

What’s in the Golden Globes gift bags this year?

  • Jakii Shoes from Australia
  • 3Nines Jewelry necklaces
  • His/her gift cards to Kiehl’s NYC spa locations
  • $130 worth of Youth Collagen Peptide Cream from Nordic Beauty
  • Medical grade eye cream from Australia-based Bloc Cosmetics
  • Custom wallets for the females and toiletry cases for the males from Ramsey Petersson Label
  • Adopted NYC is gifting a luxurious leather wrap for the iPhone 6
  • Vikki Australia’s gorgeous sarongs
  • Woolymates’ wool laundry dryer balls
  • High Brew Coffee
  • Forever Young Wine’s 2013 award winning Malbec, Reserva, and The Chill Factor Original Slushy Maker

The Golden Globes gift bag is an exclusive bag of bliss for the A-list award recipients and presenters. Just how are these products chosen?
“There’s always a screening process, typically overseen by the producer of the swag bag. Products are chosen based in brand category, price point, and overall potential interest to celebrities” says Stacy Jones, CEO of Hollywood Branded
And even newbie entrepreneurs and products have a chance of making the cut.
“I launched my company in August 2014. In the beginning of November, I reached out and sent the product [to the swag bag judges]… three weeks later I got a call letting me know my product had been approved,” says Nordic Beauty company founder Mette Risdal.
How much do the bags cost–adding up all included products? $1,500. Unless, of course, you are one of the celebrities at this weekend’s Golden Globes.


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