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The new providers not only use the possibilities of the big screen in terms of contents, they are moer like films studio that TV channels regarding their marketing strategies too – as Stacy Jones, CEO of Hollywood Branded, a California entertainment media agency that specialises in series marketing, confirmed: “Premium cable and streaming platforms don’t have commercial breaks in ther shows and cannot advertise as normal TV broadcaster would do. So, for their pay-tv and SVOD formats they are borrowring the marketing strategies of film studios such as product placement and co-branded promotions instead. That’s new. ” The mode of operation of HBO and Netflix is an approach that makers of series have rarely chosen before, namely where brands of example use the series design, the opening credits and photos of the actiors for their advertising measures. “It’s a win-win situation where the show is getting more eyeballs and attention and the brands have sexier advertising to work with – they are harnessing the power of pop culture.” Jones Added
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