Overview: Hollywood Branded was quoted regarding celebrity partnerships for brands by GrapevineStar, a global provider of research based content, product development, licensing and distribution services to the media and entertainment industry.

Trend Alert – Branding With Big Names

With celebrities being key influences in our society, what better way is there to market your product then putting your brand directly into their hands. Celebrities appear in an estimated one-fifth of ads, with companies such as Nike shelling out close a half a billion dollars a year on celebrity endorsements. Recent studies have suggested that sales will increase up to 20% with endorsement deals.
Many companies do not have millions of dollars to shell out annually for celebrity endorsements, however there are still ways to get your products into the hands of celebrities.
Platinum Publicity is one of the key companies associated with providing products and brands with Celebrity & Media Lounges. They are currently taking brand submissions for their celebrity lounges during events such as the MTV Movie Awards (June 1st), Teen Choice Awards (August 3rd), MTV Video Awards (Sept 7th), and Primetime Emmy Awards (Sept. 21st). The exposure offered by Platinum Publicity can place your product directly into the hands of the press, celebrities and VIP’s who attend the events. They also provide photos of these influential individuals interacting with your brand as well as social media and PR coverage. They consider themselves the “Go-To Company when it comes to introducing your products to celebrities.”
For companies with a smaller budget they offer their gift bag services with a minimum of 20 items required. All of their events hold a major emphasis on charities, such as the Red Cross, The Make a Wish Foundation and Feeding America, allowing companies to align their brand with a good cause.
Hollywood Branded marketing group offers similar services including brand content, integration, celebrity endorsements and promotions and licensing. In an interview with Business News Daily, President of Hollywood Branded, Stacy Jones explained, “Consumers are proven to follow the trends of celebrities, and embrace in their own lives the products that those they covet and admire use. A celebrity seen with your brand allows you a presence that can impact your sales, and definitely increase consumer awareness of your brand.”
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