(April 15, 2010) (Los Angeles, CA) Productions Branded, a division of Hollywood Branded Inc., has been hired by Grindstone to oversee all product placement and brand integration for the upcoming Lionsgate film, Setup. This film will be shot in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Setup stars Bruce Willis, Paul Walker, and 50 Cent.. ‘Set Up’ revolves around a group of friends involved in a diamond heist that takes a deadly turn.  Setup is an action packed crime thriller that centers on friendship, betrayal and revenge. At the onset, best of friends Vincent, Dave and Sonny skillfully steal over $10 million in uncut diamonds from a courier. But when they meet up with their fence, Vincent turns on them, killing Dave and leaving Sonny for dead. Vincent then uses the money to build his status as a local player while he finances his prison bound father’s protection. Sonny recovers from his wounds and is forced into recovering the stones for the original owners and is sidetracked by the city’s crime boss, who has his own agenda. With the clock ticking, Sonny must play his cards right in order to avenge the death of his best friend and take Vincent down for good.The movie is directed by Mike Gunther.
Grindstone hired Productions Branded to provide brand services for the film, including product placement and paid integration. The agency will also source backend promotional partners, focusing on the four production areas of props, set, wardrobe and transportation. The results of these efforts could potentially help save the film’s budget thousands of dollars in production costs.
“Productions Branded is excited to work with this upcoming action film, which has great opportunities for brand integration and product placement,” said Jake Stango, President of Productions Branded. “Our efforts will not only enable the production to showcase quality products but also will save significant dollars in production costs.”
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Stacy Jones

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