Soon after the lawsuit was revealed by The New York Times, Australian singer Sia, who worked with LaBeouf on a 2015 music video, also tweeted her own allegations against the actor, calling him a “pathological liar” who conned her into an “adulterous relationship, claiming to be single.”
These recent allegations are the latest and darkest in a long and violent line of misdemeanours that have plagued but never halted LaBeouf’s career.
In fact, as LaBeouf’s private life became increasingly violent and abusive, so did the characters he played onscreen, creating a toxic cycle of abuse that rewards extreme behaviour with lucrative roles, critical acclaim, and leaves LaBeouf victims vulnerable at the centre.

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LaBeouf was positioned to be Hollywood’s next big leading man

The 34-year-old actor, and one-time star of the Disney Channel’s popular family comedy “Even Stevens,” began his big-screen career in the position most former child actors and their parents pray for: at the feet of Steven Spielberg.
The pair worked together on the 2007 thriller “Disturbia,” which Spielberg executive produced, and when LaBeouf officially traded in his Disney credentials, he found himself at DreamWorks taking up the role of Spielberg’s go-to tween. The legendary director handpicked LaBeouf to be the face of Michael Bay’s “Transformers” franchise and drafted him in as the son — and heir apparent — of Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones in 2008’s “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”
Back then, LaBeouf was assumed to be Hollywood’s bankable lead for his generation — an admittedly talented white man who could be cast in any role from action thriller to family comedy.
In 2007 when he was only 21, Vanity Fair put him on the cover of its August issue with the title “the next Tom Hanks.”
“He was being positioned as a mega Hollywood male star,” Stacy Jones, CEO of Hollywood Branded, a Los Angeles-based entertainment marketing agency, told Insider. “He became not only a recognisable name, but one that can command and drive his peer audience to watch his films, making him largely responsible for bringing millions of dollars to the movies he has worked on.”
And he was paid handsomely too. By 2011, after the release of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” LaBeouf was paid a reported $US15 million.
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