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Voted on by Hollywood insiders, the SAG Awards are considered a pretty reliable indicator of how Oscar voters are thinking. And according to Stacy Jones, founder and chief executive officer of pop culture marketing firm Hollywood Branded, the same holds true for brands, many of which are looking for Hollywood’s diverse batch of fresh talent to modernize their brands.
“We’re looking at a world that is more colorful in ways of sexuality, in ways of race. Fashion houses [and beauty brands] have always had really strong celebrity moments, and we’ve started to see more inclusion from L’Oréal and Cover Girl,” Jones said.
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“The world is actually changing to be more inclusive, and the younger generations are driving conversations on a daily basis,” Jones continued. “Generation Z doesn’t care as much about the gender or racial identities of their friends, the lines are blurring. These brands have to find a way to become more contemporary or relatable because their core consumers are aging out.”
With that in mind, Jones reasoned that brands’ other criteria for talent to sign hasn’t changed. “The brands are looking for someone with multicultural appeal, and someone who has that baked-in feel of being high end,” Jones said. “They have something a little bit special, that has a fashion sense that comes across on-screen and at events, and someone with strong social media,” she said.
As social tides turn, brands will move further from tradition, Jones said. “It’s just not so cookie cutter,” she said. “You’re seeing richly developed actors who are themselves, not the status quo of what a Hollywood success story used to look like, being celebrated now.” Here, see some of Hollywood’s newer names to keep an eye on for beauty deals.
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