Meet the 15 beauty teams on The Hollywood Reporter’s seventh list celebrating showbiz’s most influential hairstylists and makeup artists, who create the looks that will take A-listers to new heights this awards season.
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When it comes to red carpet beauty this year, what’s behind the curtain is more revealing than ever. From the increasing popularity of stars prepping for awards shows on Instagram (hashtag #BTS for “behind the scenes”) to a move toward more natural looks, authenticity is ascendant among insider groomers and their A-list clients. “The need for a full-coverage look is declining,” says Pati Dubroff, O.G. makeup artist to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star Margot Robbie. “It’s empowering not to feel like one needs to mask who they are.” Adds Coree Moreno, hairstylist to Harriet star Cynthia Erivo: “Hollywood is just becoming comfortable with seeing naturally textured hair as acceptable. Presenting my client closest to who she is just continues the conversation.”
That doesn’t mean that envelope-pushing creativity isn’t embraced — and rewarded — with stars touting glitter and bold statements alongside low-key looks, and gaining endorsement deals in the process. THR cover star Zendaya’s pact with Lancôme (“contracts can be worth millions for A-list” talent, says Stacy Jones, CEO of marketing agency Hollywood Branded) is one recent example.
Also earning green on the red carpet? “As an ambassador, makeup artists or hairstylists receive from $7,500 to hundreds of thousands,” notes Jones. Adds Scarlett Johansson’s makeup artist Frankie Boyd, “People want an invitation to the dressing room.” So come on in — and see how Hollywood’s top 15 glam squads elevate the beauty and power of their star charges.
With Lucy in the Sky and Joker both out Oct. 4, Beetz, 28, will have ample chances to exhibit more of her “incredible sense of style,” says Chanel makeup artist Machhausen, adding, “She’s unafraid to express herself.” The Atlanta breakout trusts Machhausen to push the red carpet envelope and be “a bit more wild with my makeup: He’s meticulous and precise, even if it’s a smudgy punk-rock eye,” she says. With Redway, Beetz declares: “In creative tongue, we speak the same way,” adding that this becomes especially true when “I have obscure references … ’80s cowgirl going to prom and 1970s starlet with a dash of rococo.” This awards season, Redway (whose other clients include Anne Hathaway and Tessa Thompson) plans “to play with period-inspired hairstyles, but with natural texture.”
TOP RED CARPET LOOK “We love bringing elements to the red carpet you have not seen before,” says Redway of Beetz’s thick long braids and silver-swept eyelids at the Joker premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (where the star also was promoting Seberg and Lucy in the Sky). Machhausen says he “created a platinum eye using actual silver leaf applied in a crushed technique, to have it look rather tough. With the cool braids Lacy created, it had a chic grunge vibe.”
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