German print outlet HORIZONT, a leading special interest marketing magazine in Germany, as part of an article on Jame Bond and product placement, interviewed Hollywood Branded for an article about brands who are not traditionally thought of by many as participating in product placement – versus alcohol or cars.
Here is a rough translation of what it says:
FLIR is a leading global manufacturer of thermal imaging infrared cameras – and as such is a regular co-star in cinema productions, for instance in “Transformers 4” and “Fantastic Four.” Responsible for those types of placements is California agency, Hollywood Branded. “Product placement offers both the film production and brands a number of advantages,” says the CEO Stacy Jones. Through product placement “companies strengthen their image and make their brand known throughout the world.” As an additional bonus, it also is a great benefit “to increase employee morale” said Jones. “We often create programs exclusively for this reason.”

Stacy Jones

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