With what is being called “The Great Resignation” currently underway, many companies are seeing turnover rates spike. While the reasons for leaving their jobs vary among those who have, the effect is the same: Businesses are left to try and keep staffing levels high enough to continue serving their customers while simultaneously working to attract and recruit top talent.

The expense of replacing employees and training new ones can be significant, especially compared to what it costs organizations to retain their existing employees. Moreover, leaders often have to deal with the impact of higher turnover upending operations for a time.

To stanch an outward flow of talent from their ranks, it helps if companies can externally market their culture and benefits in compelling ways to attract the talent they need. Here, members of Forbes Agency Council explore good ways to do just that.

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7. Redraft Your Job Posting To Reflect Your Culture

We realized that the vision we had for our agency was not being communicated well enough outside of it. When we redrafted our job posting to reflect our culture, our vision and our mission to provide both mutually beneficial partnerships and a culture focused on learning—and made it more real by being fun and cheeky—the caliber of our applicants completely changed. – Stacy Jones, Hollywood Branded

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Stacy Jones

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