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  • Two of the most controversial creators on YouTube Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul got married last year, but broke up in January.
  • They had a whirlwind open marriage, and nobody really knew if it was real or not.
  • Getting together boosted their exposure to one another’s audiences and has continued to help their careers rise. Mongeau recently released her own perfume, and Paul just followed in his brother’s footsteps and won a professional boxing match.
  • Insider asked online celebrity branding experts Marie Mostad and Stacy Jones how much Paul and Mongeau’s eight-month relationship had increased their worth in terms of sponsorships and deals.
  • Overall, Mongeau’s worth could have increased 20-25% since April 2019, while Paul’s could have increased by 5-10%.
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YouTuber superstars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul called time on their brief open marriage at the beginning of the year, but since then, their careers have only been going upwards.
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