She may no longer have Kris Jenner to protect her, but it looks like Jordyn Woods will be just fine.
After news broke last month that Woods, better known on the internet as Kylie Jenner’s best friend, hooked up with Tristan Thompson, boyfriend of Kylie’s sister Khloé Kardashian, redemption seemed all but impossible.
Then, last Friday, the 21-year-old enlisted longtime family friend Jada Pinkett Smith to help tell her side of how things went down that fateful Sunday night. Fans’ reactions were surprisingly split — especially when it was resurfaced that the KarJenner women had also entered more than a few relationships under eyebrow-raising circumstances.

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During her Red Table Talk interview, Woods denied that the scandal was a publicity stunt orchestrated by the powers at be (read: Kris Jenner) to promote the upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, though it’s not a stretch to assume that the show’s ratings will spike thanks to the drama.
But the famous fam wouldn’t be the only beneficiary. Stacy Jones, CEO of branding agency Hollywood Branded says that Woods’s involvement will only help her career in the long run. Woods has gained 1.3 million (!) Instagram followers since TMZ first broke the news of her tryst, and Jones adds that it’s “highly likely” that she’ll be seen as more valuable to brands because of it.
“Many brands should want to capitalize on the fervor of her following, which is highly-engaged in each and every post she has done,” she tells InStyle. “She has broadened her awareness as she’s made the news around the world and is now becoming a household name. Someone is going to want to capitalize on that.”

Though she’s keeping her distance from the family (we’re assuming there’ll be no more selfies with Stormi, for the time being), she still has the eyeballs of the Kardashian fan base — and that’s worth a lot. “While there are certainly Kardashian/Jenner fans that might be able to rival the intensity of Beyoncé’s Bey-hive fans, most don’t really care that much,” she says of the loyalty of KarJenner stans. “Fast fashion brands, hair gummy supplements, diet pills and the like are all still perfect brand fits for her brand line.”
Jones adds that now is an “excellent time” for Woods to begin seeking out new opportunities while declining to speak further on the subject. “For now, she should stop responding to the questions, she’s played her hand, and should focus on the business of the brand she has developed and which she wants to keep alive.”
Ironically enough, when asked if there were any other Hollywood parallels in which scandals have become the foundation on which a public figure has launched their career into the stratosphere, one familiar woman came to mind: Kim Kardashian. “She skyrocketed after that big reveal, and certainly has triumphed,” she said. “So you never know what could happen for Jordyn’s future.”
Source: InStyle

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