Monica Lewinsky x Reformation and the power of unorthodox celebrity collabs 2

Monica Lewinsky x Reformation and the power of unorthodox celebrity collabs 2
Within its first 48 hours, the Reformation campaign featuring Lewinsky, which is titled “You’ve Got the Power”, generated more than $2m in media exposure. In addition, Reformation’s Instagram post about its new partnership with Lewinsky generated $96,000, according to a measurement known as Media Impact Value (MIV), which is based on a proprietary algorithm developed by Launchmetrics that’s meant to measure and benchmark the impact of media placements.

“By teaming up with Reformation for the ‘You’ve Got the Power’ campaign, Monica Lewinsky brought an astonishing level of attention and gravitas to the sustainable brand,” said Stacy Jones, who has years of experience matching names and faces to brand advertising placements as the CEO and founder of Hollywood Branded, a Los Angeles marketing and content agency. “This campaign wasn’t just about fashion; it was a call to action for voter registration, showing that when a brand and its spokesperson share authentic values, the impact can be monumental.”

In addition to perhaps completing the transformation of Lewinsky’s narrative – from the centre of a scandal to a force for empowerment, advocacy and activism – the Reformation campaign’s success is emblematic of a broader trend in marketing through which brands align with public figures who, at first glance, may seem an unconventional choice for their ads, says Jones.

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