Overview:  N4BB quotes Hollywood Branded CEO Stacy Jones on BlackBerry’s organic and period-accurate product placement in military themed movie Zero Dark Thirty.

BlackBerry Helped Movie ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ be Period-Accurate

– March 11, 2013 at 7:32 pm EST

BlackBerry might have taken a beating the last few years, but that hasn’t ended their brand image for government and corporate use. Director Kathryn Bigelow of the movieZero Dark Thirty wanted to make it as period-accurate as possible.

Bigelow’s team reached out to the entertainment marketing group at BlackBerry to provide the production with period-accurate BlackBerry devices.

“The production sought to keep brand usage within the film organic, and specifically chose a partnership with BlackBerry as it is widely known that government officials—even President Obama—use BlackBerry smartphone devices due to their high level of security and business functionality,” said Stacy Jones, Founder and CEO of Hollywood Branded, who helped arrange the placement.
Throughout the film you can see the cast members using a Bold 9000. This was a placement that BlackBerry did not have to pay for. Jones calls BlackBerry’s placement in Zero Dark Thirty “less of an in-your-face over the top endorsement than a gentle recap of historically correct usage, and a glimpse into the fact that BlackBerry has been there during some of our most important times of recent history.”

Stacy Jones

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