Overview:  Mozaik Multimedia launches Content Technology for digital product placement and provides input by Hollywood Branded’s CEO Stacy Jones.

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Mozaik Multimedia launches Content Technology, a groundbreaking new software solution that connects consumers to appealing products they see in movies, revolutionizing the way people interact with latest generation premium Hollywood movie content, ultimately changing consumer advertisement models forever.

“By providing an end-to-end solution to media and entertainment industries, Mozaik Multimedia enables viewers to easily interact with in-movie brands and products in a rich immersive home entertainment experience,” said Gregory Maertens, General Manager and VP of Engineering for Mozaik Multimedia. “With one simple touch on the remote control, users can retrieve more information or make secure online purchases of branded products shown during the cinematic experience such as luxury goods, consumer electronics devices, and exotic locations.”

Current market analysis suggests that by 2011, Blu-ray Disc (BD) standalone players will surpass sale of DVD players, and by 2012, there will be approximately 250 Million units installed base of Blu-ray-capable players (including PLAYSTATION3 and PCs) in the US, Europe and Japan, creating a massive market for interactive high definition content and advertisement.

“With more than 1100 BD titles to choose from, combined with growing retail support and increased promotional activity, the rise of Blu-ray will offset rapidly declining sales of standard DVD products. By 2012, around 50% of US and 35% of Western Europe video disc retail sales will be Blu-ray,” said Jim Bottoms, Managing Director at Futuresource Consulting (www.futuresource-consulting.com).

Since Content technology is part of the encoded content itself, Mozaik’s solution can be deployed across multiple platforms including BDs, digital cable set-top boxes, IPTVs, and mobile devices. In addition, no change is required to the existing consumer electronics playback infrastructure.

The Mozaik platform and Content technology is one of the most exciting developments for advertisers. The technology provides a compelling, non-intrusive interactive user experience, while allowing brands to engage the consumer and extend their reach via focused ad placement and ecommerce. This is the next step in the evolution of product placement, providing advertisers truly undisputable ROI. Mozaik technology may well revolutionize the ad industry’s take on product placement integration,” said Stacy Jones, President of Hollywood Branded Inc. (hollywoodbranded.com).

Mozaik generates revenue from three business segments including advertisement, analytics and affiliate commerce. It is currently engaged with major film and TV studios, and has alliances with top post production facilities and leading brand placement agencies.

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