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“Stranger Things” is no stranger to shilling things.

The fourth season of the hit Netflix series continues the show’s tradition of featuring countless consumer brands front and center. The main characters are dipping into jars of Jif peanut butter, playing games of Dungeons & Dragons, or sporting a cool Levi’s denim vest. And let’s not forget the telekinetic Eleven’s attempts to crush a can of Coca-Cola using her mind alone. In fact, the Product Placement Blog, which tracks brands on TV shows, spotted more than 140 during the first seven episodes of “Stranger Things 4,” including Skittles candy, a Minute Maid juice box, the Sony Walkman and Miller beer.

The final two episodes of season four were just released for the Fourth of July holiday weekend. And such product placements have real value as a form of advertising — and marketing professionals say they could easily be worth tens of millions of dollars in exposure for the brands showcased on “Stranger Things.”

Concave Brand Tracking, a British company that analyzes placements in movies, television and other outlets, put the advertising value of being featured on season three of “Stranger Things” at $15 million when it last looked at the ’80s-themed sci fi/horror series created by the sibling team of Matt and Ross Duffer. Concave managing director Dominic Artzrouni told MarketWatch that he hasn’t done a similar study for the fourth season, but he noted the level of product placement appears to be “on par” with what the show has done in the past.

Craig Agranoff, a Florida-based marketing executive, said the value could be considerably higher because of the show’s surging popularity. He put an estimate of $25 million in free publicity for appearing on the show.

And Stacy Jones, chief executive officer of Hollywood Branded, a marketing agency that specializes in product placements, said the value could “range into the realms of ridiculousness” — largely because she anticipates the series will have such staying power.

“’Stranger Things’ is going to be something people watch 15 or 20 years from now,” she said.

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