Overview:  Hollywood Branded announces the results of a comprehensive study into the tactics most favored by brands, agencies and consumers, and which are perceived to work best.

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Survey Confirms Entertainment Marketing Increases Consumer Sales

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Jan. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – Hollywood Branded Inc. conducted a longitudinal survey designed to measure brand, agency and consumer perception of tactics used in entertainment marketing campaigns, and the effectiveness of entertainment marketing as a form of advertising. The survey showcases that 51% of consumers report actively being aware of purchasing brands after viewing TV or film product placement, and 43% purchasing after exposure to celebrity endorsement campaigns. Over 1,300 individuals responded to the 48 question survey, and the data provides insight into the most effective entertainment marketing tactics currently in use.
Significant survey findings included:

  • 72% of brands and agencies use entertainment marketing in their current marketing mix. Entertainment marketing strategies include product placement, brand integration, celebrity endorsement and entertainment co-promotional partnerships.
  • 52% of marketers state TV is the most utilized platform, followed by digital. Film is used by 29% of marketers, celebrities by 23%, music by 20% and gaming by 11%.
  • 85% of marketers state that entertainment marketing works to boost sales.
  • 98% of consumers report noticing product placement in television and film.
  • 80% of consumers favor product placement and see it as a form of ‘organic’ marketing.
  • 51% of consumers make cognizant decisions to purchase after seeing product in a TV show or feature film, driving consumer sales.
  • 43% of consumers have been influenced to purchase products after seeing a celebrity endorsement.

“The majority of consumer respondents indicate receptiveness to entertainment marketing, and express a preference for this form of advertising over traditional advertising as long as it is kept organic and natural in approach,” explains Stacy Jones, CEO of Hollywood Branded Inc. “The survey results provide brand marketers assurance that entertainment marketing is a confirmed and successful sales driver.”
Additional survey findings conclude that social media engagement is the preferred measurement by marketers of campaign success. The majority of agencies measure return on investment based upon digital analytics and conversion rates, followed to a lesser extent by estimated impressions. As to future implementation, marketers state that entertainment marketing budgets will increase in 2015 more than any other area of marketing, based on past success of the tactics.
Entertainment marketing has become a commonplace practice used for brand advertising, with reported consumer and marketer data demonstrating positive influence on consumer sales. Within the survey, consumer majority state receptiveness to the practice, when kept organic and natural in approach. Consumer response also indicates a preference for entertainment marketing versus traditional forms of advertising as it shows product usage in a natural setting. Additionally, feedback shows celebrity endorsement positively impacts purchase influence. The survey results support entertainment marketing as an effective marketing tactic for brand marketers to influence consumer sales.
The 52 page survey report is available at http://info.hollywoodbranded.com/2015-survey. The agency’s blog provides additional detail and supporting infographics to the study.
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