Welcome back to Scripps News. Live on. Do Walters in Atlanta. A major decision late today involving actor Robert De Niro. A jury of mourning his longtime personal assistant. 1.2 million dollars. Graham Chase Robinson, the legend years of gender discrimination, abuse and retaliation. She said it was a toxic work environment. That decision coming after a contentious trial. At one point, the narrow who is 80 yelled, shame on you in Euro isn’t being held personally responsible, but company Canal Productions. We’ll have to payoff that 1.2 million dollars. Some Stacy Jones is an entertainment branding expert to Stacy De Niro has been very outspoken in recent years. Also very p

In fact, impact at all. Never done. Now. He’s exact same and that we see on screen. We’ve seen reflected in court. He’s loud. He’s a little off patients. He is his authentic self. So I don’t think that seen anything come up to about this expecially. The fact that he was not found guilty himself. Anything at all. So what I want say that about the post? Me too era?

Yeah. These cases have such a profound impact. They push industries to create more equitable workplaces and can really help restore reputations of those who are wronged in this case. Graham Chase Robinson was wrong. You know, she got into us set in a situation where she worked for 11 years doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing. She was a personal assistant and in Hollywood being personal assistant is maybe a little different than being a pa anywhere else. The celebrities have individuals who come into their lives and they’re beyond a work life scenario situation. You know, there’s nothing that is sexual. That is an incredibly intimate relationship. The individual, the pa’s going to know the celebrity inside out be there when he’s working toward her, the their win there at home. You know, we just saw Matthew Perry passed away and the person who found it was his personal assistant who was running errands while he was in the hot tap. So these individuals are such an integral close point of their life. And what happened Graham Chase Robinson is even though she was doing everything most likely right. And she was just very, very close to her boss and all the right ways when he had a girlfriend who found it to be a little too close for comfort. That’s when help broke loose and communication went out the window and everything crumble from personalities and relationships overall. Graham Chase Robinson says her name has been tarnished and she can’t get a job.

As black balling, still a thing in Hollywood.

Well, I think left following the thing anywhere, especially if you’re going to see and they it involved in a lawsuit, quite frankly, at this point. So within Hollywood or celebrity community, you’re going to have celebrities who are looking for people who are not super outspoken, who are following the flow, who are there support them, who

>> Are not necessarily calling out anything that is not necessarily proper. And so issue going to have ease of ability to get a similar job in the central and stray infield. That study really hard for her.

Why is that? Because basically what it seems to be as victim shaming on a much broader scale.

Well, I don’t think that people are always so supportive and people look at the media and they seen here big things a lot of times and you’re going to have one of 2 ways you’re going to have maybe 50% of the people who are going to see that Robert De Niro was not the wrong. And, you know, he’s just old school and he is who he is. And then you 50% or more people. However, who do see that she’s in the right and I think just in a world in our culture today, it’s still hard. You know, everyone still likes water, cooler conversation. Everyone likes a Everyone kind of goes towards just nationally as humans. A little bit more to, you isn’t that bad? And so that’s impactful in general. I want to broaden this out a bit. We’ve seen other celebrities tarnished by. Allegations about being bad Jimmy Fallon, most recently Ellen DeGeneres, James TV and film can be a hostile business. Is anything changing and isn’t just the nature of the industry in la where you are that people that cry 15 times a day on Q R mercurial and their own personalities.

Stacy Jones: Yeah, I think it’s a lot more than that. So Hollywood not easy. I I’ve been in the industry for over 26 years. It’s not an industry that it’s for those who can’t take punches work life. It’s so fast pace. The stress level extremely high. You’re live on TV or recording TV, but you have hundreds of people on set who are there who are working and you’re looking at these individuals, whether it’s Oprah and Ellen Jimmy any of these individuals who we all pulled up onto this pedestal, the celebrity status that they should never fall. They can never do anything wrong whatsoever. And these not people who are infallible. They have. That days. They have stresses they have personal lives. They have family problems say have just, you know, they stuff their child. They woke up that morning. It’s a harder day than normal, but they’re expected to be perfect. And that’s very difficult. And when you also are in charge of your brand, you’re talking about people who have built themselves into businesses that make millions, 10’s 100’s of millions of dollars. And that’s a lot of should to have to hold up to on a day-to-day basis. So when someone has a cross, I or maybe someone on the team actually did hold up their end of the stick. It’s kind of day be the person whose names in the light taking fall. So they see makes it really difficult.

Let me push back to because you’re a star. Does that make your behavior excusable or are you just a bigger name pain in the B***?

I think you’re beginning pain in the B***. I don’t think anything’s excusable feasible in life, right. That all of is good people kind people. But at the same time, we all have bad days. And I think if your hand from the celebrity about them that day in day out, that they’re which onset that they’re just a tear, that they’re so difficult all the time. But that’s not what heard about in any of these cases. We’ve heard that there had been missed 2 of her, that stumbles of hair that, you know, they don’t really like you know, to the in their face their backstage and walking around. Well, we don’t know if they’re actually trying to. First, be prepared, go through the monologue, anything. So there’s just there’s never any grace these individuals to and not saying that does not justify cases that you should hold people accountable. And I think apologies have been due in many cases. But again, I think the general public, whenever someone sees someone fall in a state of power, there’s more attention paid to it. And you forget that they’re still in the 5th just a person calling into hoping that that had a good day and do things right.

He just appeared in that Martin Scorsese There is Oscar buzz around Robert Deniro. This it’s just going to affect.

I don’t think Not really. I think it’s getting a media plug right now. There’s going to be a lot of coverage and there has been and will 2 weeks of the trial. But once Oscars are coming it’s going to be focused on the actual, you know, on screening exposure. Scorsese has done a phenomenal. The nominal film is going to be a lot of attention to it based on the film’s value alone, the acting talent in it. And then again, the fact that, you know, after just finished a strike. And so there’s going to be a lot of news about all the celebrities who are attending Ortiz this year.

CEO and founder of Hollywood branded Stacy Jones. Thanks for being with..

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