As the Ryan Seacrest drama continues to unfold, with members of the entertainment industry taking sides regarding how the star handled the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him by his former stylist Suzie Hardy, we’re left to wonder how his apparel brand, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, as well as his men’s skincare line in collaboration with Hollywood-favorite Dr. Lancer, will fare in the current political climate when more than ever, people vote with their dollars.
The four-year-old Ryan Seacrest Distinction (RSD) collection of suits and lifestyle wear, $50 to $500, sold exclusively at Macy’s, is still currently in stock on the department store’s website and in select stores. Save for Macy’s typical discounts, there is no apparent change to the marketing of the collection. Representatives for Macy’s declined to comment on Seacrest or whether RSD will be impacted by the allegations against him.
David Katz, CMO of New York-based Randa Accessories, the company that first approached Seacrest about creating a fashion brand, responded to the The Hollywood Reporter’s request for comment by saying that “ultimately, there is no there, there.”
Meanwhile, responses to Seacrest’s RSD Instagram account, @seacreststyle, are largely positive. The comment section of the E! host’s Oscars red carpet images are filled with sentiments of support and cries of “Team Ryan.” (The same cannot be said about Seacrest’s personal account, which is host to several comment-section debates regarding his reputation.) There’s no way to be sure whether the comments of the RSD account are being monitored, however it’s telling that they haven’t been completely disabled.
In collaboration with skincare expert Dr. Harold Lancer, Seacrest launched the Polished by Dr. Lancer and Ryan Seacrest collection of men’s products, $10 to $55, in 2017. Regarding his relationship with the host, Lancer tells THR, “I have known Ryan for over 15 years and he was absolutely the best partner for Polished. We stand by him and are looking forward to our future brand plans.”
Stacy Jones, CEO of marketing and strategy agency Hollywood Branded, tells THR that “Ryan Seacrest brands are absolutely in the crossfire at the current moment due to the sexual allegations against him, and customers are looking at [them] in a different light.”
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