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If your brand lacks luster then you need to turn to Stacy Jones at Hollywood Branded.

We spoke with this global entertainment company and asked them why their star shines brighter than most. Hollywood Branded isn’t just for brands that command star appeal. Their campaigns are innovative and directly affect a client’s sales. Stacy doesn’t just like her company because every day is different and interesting but also because Hollywood Branded offers far more services than their competitors, from branded content, to commercials, to television shows, while also securing marketing distribution.

Looking to reach a more ethnic audience? This company isn’t just innovative but they are expanding by creating a multicultural division. The company plans to create more campaigns that speak to the Spanish language household, ahhh…Javier Bardem!

I would also keep an eye out for Hollywood Branded’s new BlackBerry placement campaign within film 50/50, which featured Seth Rogin utilizing “picture feature” in a key scene in the movie. It’s creative genius like this that supported the film at the premier debut!


The agency develops innovative ways for brands to engage in a dialogue with consumers including promotional campaigns and sponsorships, storyline integrations and product placement, branded content, social media and other programs.

Contact Hollywood Branded

110 Lomita Street
El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone: 310.606.2030
E-mail: info@hollywoodbranded.com

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Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones has become a world-renowned specialist in branded content. Now it’s her mission to share her expertise and help brands and other business owners and executives leverage the tools our agency has crafted in building brand awareness – using the same proven methods she’s built her agency on and leveraged for client success.