Stacy Jones is the CEO and founder of Hollywood Branded, a Los Angeles influencer marketing, branded content and product placement agency.  Stacy has over twenty three years of leadership experience building global entertainment branding campaigns for top Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of brands, including BlackBerry, Bumble, Canadian Club, Pilot Pen and Ralph Lauren.
Acknowledged as an expert in the field, she has appeared on the BBC, CNN and MSNBC; spoken at conferences around the globe; and been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, Hollywood Reporter, The Financial Times and dozens of other media outlets. She received a BFA in Theater Production & Scenic Design from the University of Arizona.
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Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones has become a world-renowned specialist in branded content. Now it’s her mission to share her expertise and help brands and other business owners and executives leverage the tools our agency has crafted in building brand awareness – using the same proven methods she’s built her agency on and leveraged for client success.