Make room, Hollywood stylists: costume designers are poised to be the next influencers.

Mesh tops, strappy dresses and lace-up-the-leg sandals are just a few fashion trends spawned by HBO’s hit series “Euphoria,” which generated its own #EuphoriaHigh TikTok challenge when season two premiered in January.

Costume designer Heidi Bivens’ looks have also reverberated on the runways, with Paris-based brand Coperni drawing direct inspiration from the show for its high school-themed fall 2022 collection, down to the student lockers as part of the production.

“They represent a new guard — and to think that an American show could have that kind of larger world impact is exciting. The language of fashion can travel,” said Bivens, a former staffer at WWD, who is publishing a book with A24 about the costumes of “Euphoria” later this year, including an interview with Coperni designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant.

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