Lady Gaga famously wore no makeup to her audition for A Star Is Born, but you can safely guess that she’ll be wearing plenty of it to the Golden Globes. Gaga is nominated for Best Actress for her turn in the film, and she and her longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno love a statement look. Another safe bet will be that makeup coming from Marc Jacobs Beauty — or at least the products that you hear about.
Tanno is a “Marc Jacobs Beauty Global Artistry Ambassador.” This means that the brand pays her to use and publicize its products. (There are several other high profile makeup artists who hold this title as well, including Adele’s makeup artist, Michael Ashton.) She gives interviews with detailed product breakdowns and tags the brand frequently on her Instagram, where she has almost 180,000 followers.

Ultimately, the red carpet is an ad — for the studios, for the celebrities, for the “who are you wearing” gowns that, sorry, you’ll probably never wear, and, yep, for the foundation and eyeshadow you might actually splurge on. As Connie Wang pointed out at Refinery29, the red carpet is “a money-making marketing event that benefits the fashion industry and the celebrities that profit from the whole spectacle.”

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Stacy Jones

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