Overview:  The UK daily paper, The Sun, interviews Hollywood Branded’s CEO, Stacy Jones, on why and how the Kardashians have created their celebrity endorsement impact. 

Kosmetics, klothes, kredit cards … how Kardashians Kash in
By Louisa Barnett
December 24, 2014, The Sun, UK Newspaper

Kardashian Empire

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have earned millions. THIS was the year the world went crazy for the Kardashians. Like them or loathe them, 2014 saw the US reality TV family’s female members reach a total worth of £150million. And superstar Kim, married to rapper Kanye West, raked in £18million just on her own.
From cosmetics and clothing to drinks, diet pills and even their own credit card, there’s not much Brand Kardashian hasn’t put its name to. As well as big-bucks endorsements, they have raked in millions from their hit TV series and its spin-off shows.
Then there are the magazine photoshoots, book deals, guest hosting and appearance fees which can net them more than £300,000 a time.
Kim is said to charge people to come to her parties, with guests thought to shell out up to £1,600 to attend, and she reportedly can make more than £600,000 a tweet. Half-sister Kendall Jenner bagged herself an Estee Lauder campaign thanks to her 34million social media followers, as the cosmetics giant attempted to expand its brand to a younger audience. Even Kylie Jenner, the baby of the family, is making cash, with her new hair extensions line Kylie Hair Kouture helping to bag her first million at just 17.
All five sisters, who also include Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, are among the top 11 most-followed Instagram accounts in the world — with Kim sitting pretty in the No2 spot. The girls have a combined social media following of 215 million fans.
TV audiences have been gripped by the family’s highs and lows on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Khloe And Kourtney Take The Hamptons. Pulling the strings is their manager mum — or “momager” — Kris Jenner. She is the brains behind Jenner Communications, which steers the careers of her brood and makes sure every product they endorse turns to gold.
Clan of action
CELEBRITY branding expert Stacy Jones, from Hollywood Branded Inc, said:

  • The Kardashian brand’s heavily dependent on public opinion and their willingness to share everything with their fanbase. Their lives are an open book, which they shamelessly self-promote as an investment in advertising their brand.
  • Each has a voice that differentiates them from one another, providing brands the opportunity to choose partnerships with the most organic endorser of the clan. They also leverage their personal celebrity relationships to broaden their reach.
  • The Kardashians are not shy about showing off their fashion mogul friends and celebrity love interests.
  • From building these relationships and branching out to other celebrities who have followings in their own right, they have extended their reach.
  • They’ve built a fanbase – predominately female, aged 18 to 34 – who want to use the products they use, wear the clothes and make-up and do anything they can to be like them

We take a look at the deals and diva antics that earned the family a fortune in 2014.
What they’re worth
Age: 34
Worth: £41m
Instagram followers: 23m
Twitter followers: 27m
Facebook followers: 24.9m
2014 deals include: Hype Energy drinks, Kim Kardashian fragrance, Hairfinity endorsement
Peak moment: Nude shoot for Paper magazine. Bum insured for £13m
Age: 30
Worth: £12.8m
Instagram followers: 15.7m
Twitter followers: 11.8m
Facebook followers: 12.8m
2014 deals include: Kardashian Beauty, joining Kim’s phone app video game
Peak moment: Headlines over on-off relationship with rapper French Montana
Age: 35
Worth: £12.8m
Instagram followers: 13m
Twitter followers: 13.3m
Facebook followers: 11.9m
2014 deals include: Kids clothing line, £32k an episode for Khloe and Kourtney Take The Hamptons
Peak moment: 871k likes on Instagram for first photo of baby Reign
Age: 17
Worth: £1.3m
Instagram followers: 15.5m
Twitter followers: 7.79m
Facebook followers: 5.7m
2014 deals include: Kylie Hair Kouture extensions range, sci-fi novel book deal
Peak moment: Making first million, named Most Influential Kardashian Of 2014
Age: 19
Worth: £2.5m
Instagram followers: 16.7m
Twitter followers: 9.25m
Facebook followers: 7.5m
2014 deals include: Shoe line, Givenchy campaign, Beats by Dr Dre ad
Peak moment: On Time magazine list of Most Influential Teens of 2014
Age: 59
Worth: £80m
Instagram followers: 4.8m
Twitter followers: 4.9m
Facebook followers: 3m
2014 deals include: Collection for QVC, cookbook
Peak moment: Ditching weird hubby Bruce Jenner

Stacy Jones

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