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From innovative packaging design to the molding of a brand’s core identity, creative marketing experts blend research, strategy, and art to connect companies with consumers, producing value for both. In no particular order, here are some talented agencies around the world that are finding new ways to promote the best image of a client.
Starting off the list at #1 is Focus Lab. This Georgia-based agency’s team of senior designers, strategists, and writers helps organizations realize market potential through brand positioning and the formation of a strong company identity. Combining Focus Lab’s strategic market planning with memorable creative advertising, the team has provided work for clients including Reify Health, Shopify, and Service Brewing Company.
Focus Lab provides an array of marketing services to help differentiate a company’s unique offerings, including research, market analysis, planning, branding, communications, and creative production. According to the agency’s co-founder, Bill Kenney, the Focus Lab collaborative process builds “thoughtful identities and experiences to elevate and empower organizations.”
Next at #2, Digital Brand Architects claims to be the industry leader in the influencer management and marketing landscape, with a diverse portfolio of social media personalities, creators, and publishers. The company focuses on top-level content and storytelling, as well as native advertising and brand development. With offices in New York City and Los Angeles, the agency has amassed a growing list of high-profile clients, including Google, Procter & Gamble, and Disney.
Digital Brand Architects’ holistic approach to influencer management fuses content strategy, podcasts, endorsements, television, events, speaking engagements, advertising, and social media marketing. In 2015, the agency launched Digital Brand Products to help clients and partners develop, manufacture, and sell their own merchandise.
Entering the list at #3, Jack Morton specializes in creating in-person experiences that build deeper relationships between individuals and brands, in order to strengthen customer loyalty and brand advocacy. The company believes that experiences move people to act. With this in mind, its dedicated team of strategists, designers, operational experts, and business partners seek to create interactions that are imaginative, engaging, and innovative.
Jack Morton has partnered with several Fortune 100 companies to execute events that have reportedly engaged more than 3.5 billion people. The agency’s approach is designed to deliver a client’s intended message across all customer touchpoints, through events, integrated campaigns, sponsorship marketing, broadcast set design, and trade shows. Jack Morton combines a strategic marketing plan with creative thinking to help mold a brand’s image.

At #4 is Hollywood Branded. The creative agency focuses on entertainment marketing, providing brand exposure through movies, television, and celebrity endorsements. According to the company, entertainment marketing can enhance recall and generate consumer interest by making the brand a part of the story. Partnering with top networks and studios, like AMC and Bravo, the business helps its clients take advantage of the influential platform.
From embedded marketing, which integrates a client’s offering into a selected production, to branded events with celebrity attendance, the agency offers a variety of services tailored to create exposure, usable imagery, and social media interest. In addition to its own work, the company also offers training courses through the Influencer & Branded Content Marketing School.
Lastly, at #5, Dragon Rouge is an independent design agency with experience in brand development, packaging, retail, digital, and design innovation. With studios in cities all around the world, including New York, Paris, London, Hamburg, and Warsaw, Dragon Rouge has been stylizing prominent brands since 1984.
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