“Audiences just want to skip the ad,” Forrester analyst Mike Proulx told The New York Times. In a recent survey by the company, only 5 percent of U.S. viewers said they rarely skip ads, with a whopping 74 percent skipping ads often.

Changes in viewing habits have prompted brands to turn to placement marketing to incorporate products into content. However, too deliberate and obvious placement in marketing can easily arouse the audience’s disgust, so the product must be subtly integrated into the background, “it must make people not feel that this is actually an advertisement.” Prussia said.

What is the power of placement marketing?

There are so many successful placements in movies and TV shows, Sortlist research points out that an average of 12.61 products are exposed to the audience per movie, maybe you and I rarely notice.

For example, in the recently aired series “Stranger Things,” the Eggo muffins that the heroine Eleven loved to eat, after the second season aired in October 2017, the sales volume of the fourth season of the year was higher than that of the previous season. The same period last year increased by 14%; Jif peanut butter, which is used to symbolize “Free America” ​​in the latest fourth season plot, also achieved good results. In the 28 days after the premiere of the fourth season, the brand is estimated to create 879,000 dollar value. The New York Times also notes that placement marketing is now a $23 billion industry, with an estimated 14% growth since 2020.

The power of placement marketing can be seen here.

For film and television producers, placement marketing also has the function of assisting character shaping and connecting contexts. “Assuming that a certain male character has a Montblanc pen, the audience will naturally think that the character is someone who has a social status. men,” said Stacy Jones, chief executive of marketing firm Hollywood Branded. “A product provides an important positioning element for a persona.”

In addition to tangible products, intangible products, such as real estate website Zillow, are also investing in placement marketing. Erin Schmidt, the chief product placement officer of BEN, the company that assists Zillow in product placement, pointed out that they mainly use “lines” to deeply root products and services, “now Zillow is used as an alternative verb for house sales or leases. , has become quite common,” he said.

Because of its close integration with content and character creation, placement marketing is easier to subtly influence, which not only helps brand recognition and sales, but also makes the brand image more distinct.

The Next Step in Placement Marketing: Virtual Placement Marketing

However, TechCrunch pointed out that the meticulous integration of the placement ads into the script is time-consuming and tests the production team. For example, in order to keep the viewing experience unaffected, the angle and position of the cola should be placed on the table so that the logo can be properly exposed without a strong sense of “placement”. It must be pre-determined before shooting, and the shooting is over. It cannot be corrected later, nor can it ensure the optimization of the placement effect.

In response, Amazon announced a test of “virtual product placement” at an industry conference in May. After the filming is completed, the product is placed on the screen through AI technology. Currently, it has been used in Prime Video’s “Reacher”, “Jack Ryan”, and “Bosch”. Wait for the big hit album to be implemented.

“It changed the production process, and it was filmed without any product in mind,” said Henrik Bastin, chief executive of content production company Fabel Entertainment. There is no violation and harmony, and it just needs to be integrated into the plot naturally.”

Amazon_Virtual Product Placement Image Amazon

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