Pop culture expert Stacy Jones spoke with Newsy about Will Smith’s strategy to rebuild his rapport with fans after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Actor Will Smith is opening up about that infamous Oscars slap in his first major TV interview since all of that drama at the Oscars.

Appearing on “The Daily Show,” partly to … posted a public apology to Rock on social media. Rock has never really accepted that apology, though he has talked during some of his recent standup performances.

Now, many are wondering if Smith can actually repair his career with this media tour and his ongoing apology. So let’s talk about it. Stacy Jones, CEO and founder of Hollywood Branded, joined Newsy’s “Morning Rush” to take a closer look at Smith’s strategy. Is it promotional for the movie? Or is it a genuine apology?

“Hollywood is a machine, if nothing else, right?” Jones said. “So it’s a little bit of both. But there’s ..

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