Overview:  Yahoo Celebrity interviews Hollywood Branded’s CEO Stacy Jones on the link between celebrity’s personal lives and brand partnerships.

Celebrity Breakups Don’t Have to End on a Bad Note

Chris and Gwyneth visit Hawaii on New Year's Eve.

Gwyneth Paltrow even knows how to go through a breakup better than you do.

Besides the fact that she’s given her separation from Coldplay rocker Chris Martin a special name — the now famous “conscious uncoupling”— her split also came with a vacation. The Oscar-winning actress, 41, and Martin, 37, headed to the Bahamas with their two children, 9-year-old Apple and Moses, 7, just before announcing the end of their 10-year marriage on her Goop website.

But Paltrow isn’t the only celeb who has been spotted on vacay with an ex. Last month, Hilary Duff enjoyed a getaway with her ex-husband, Mike Comrie, and their infant son, Luca. It was just one month after they went public with a decision to end their marriage of more than three years. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt also famously took a trip to the Caribbean island of Anguilla days before their January 2005 breakup that has people reeling even nine years later.

Although the end of a marriage seems like an odd time to get away with a recent (or soon-to-be) ex, celebrity branding expert Nick Nanton tells Yahoo that it’s a good move for a celebrity’s image. He notes that people are often invested in relationships of well-known couples because the brain doesn’t differentiate between someone you see all the time, say, in news stories, and someone you occasionally see in real life. Fans need closure, and get that somewhat with a breakup vacation. “They show that at least they’re trying to do things to make it better for the kids,” says Nanton, a co-founder of Celebrity Branding Agency.” I think in general the public does like happily-ever-after endings and they can’t always get them, so this gets a little closer.” Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston the way they were

Though Paltrow is often mocked for acting as if her lavish lifestyle is the norm, she stands to gain some sympathy from the public as a result of the breakup.

Stacy Jones, the founder of Hollywood Branded explains, “Perhaps those last trips together under the watchful eye of the media allow people to see a commonality and appreciation that celebrity status does not make you immune to personal struggles.”

And while experiencing a split is far from fun, a tropical getaway with your ex ensures that what the media sees you going through is at least set in paradise. A faraway destination also guarantees that celebrities going through a breakup will have fewer photographers trailing them than they would in L.A. or New York.

The cost of a lavish last fling might deter regular couples from a breakup vacation, but not so for A-listers such as Paltrow and Martin. They regularly hobnob with besties Jay Z and Beyonce and cook (presumably gluten-free) pizza in their outdoor pizza ovens. Us Weekly reports that Paltrow and Martin are spending their Bahamian excursion at a private beachfront residence at a cost of $7,500 a week.

Still, a luxurious getaway won’t make the heartache any easier.

Source: Yahoo

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